Sad news about Reggie (the cat)

Heya all!

I’ll start with the nice stuff and show off with a couple of picks of the land this afternoon. The weather has definitely cleared up.

Sorry for the leg photo but it’s hard not to in a hammock.

Moving on to Reggie – He’s been a proper character today, he’s finally started exploring fully. He’s also been getting more confident which means he’s been yowling and spraying everything and anything. He’s getting the chop asap but we need to work out what’s going on with his eye first.

He’s also been finding lots of exciting things to scratch, like logs and sofas.

Here’s the sad part – It looks like his eye has not got any better and is, in fact getting worse. This morning he seemed fine but by this afternoon it looks like he has a pretty bad bleed going on inside his eye. My friend knew a cat that died very soon after having a bleed on his eye so it looks like this is something that will likely kill him and there is not much we can do about it.

I have spent a lovely, if slightly sad, day with him today with lots of cuddles and tuna. We are going to take him to the vets tomorrow to see what the prognosis is but it sounds like we may not be coming back with him.

He hasn’t seemed hindered today; he’s been chasing the cats and dogs on our bit of land. He’s even tried to take on Isla (the German Sheppard) a couple of times. Then when he realises he’s outnumbered he comes mewing to me to get picked up and taken to the safety of the van.

I’ll end this on a high note with a photo of my favourite (female) cat Nala, who is still the best animal at playing sleeping lions. Practice makes perfect!


Wish us luck at the vets tomorrow.

Cheers for reading.

Late Again (incl. more cat pics)


Heya, all! It’s been a long weekend of recovery for us; we had another messy night at Venta with Fran.

But before I go into all of that here’s some pics of Reggie. He’s looking a bit less scabby now and showing a lot more personality.

He’s still sleeping a lot but he started to go out and about exploring the land. I’ll post a more comprehensive cat update in my next post.


So here’s the story about Friday night. On Friday, one of our other favourite local bars had a promotional night for one of my favourite wines (vino verde). We walked into town just as the sun was settting and stopped off at Jeorges (the one with all the avocados) on the way, to say hi.

After spending far too long (as usual) nattering to Jeorge and a few other friends that popped round, we headed into the centre of town. We arrived at Cassa Santiagos just in time for the beginning of the live music. I ordered up a bottle of wine and we grabbed a table outside and after about two sips of wine, it started raining. This is pretty unusual for Spain so we weren’t expecting it and we weren’t (I wasn’t) dressed appropriately.

Fortunately for us, we were already there and could just pop inside. unfortunately for my friends, they had just parked up and had to walk through town in the rain. We had a few drinks and blabbed away to each other over the sound of the live jazz and blues. After a little while, we decided to go somewhere closer to home so that our designated driver could have a drink.

This meant we ended up in Venta with Fran again. If you haven’t read any of my last posts then you won’t know that, despite our best efforts, this almost always ends in disaster (and disastrous hangovers).

After a few drinks, our friends headed home leaving us at the mercy of Fran! After another drink or two, we thought it wise to also go home. As per usual this didn’t happen; one of the local farmers said that if we waited around a bit then he’d give us a lift back. He rarely drinks and had only been on water or Fanta all night so this was a very good option. So Fran poured out the drinks and we hung around a bit longer and then, at Fran’s insistence, a bit longer again. Lopez (our new designated driver) had been dropped off at the pub earlier so had no vehicle with him. This was not an issue though as Fran had offered up his car for the evening. So at god knows what hour we got driven home in a lovely (if slightly rickety) Renault 6.

This is not a photo of his car, it was far too dark and I was far too drunk for that. But I just had to put a photo of a Renault 6 so you could see how beautiful they are!

renault 6.jpg

After stopping at Lopez’s for a couple more drinks, we stumbled down the last bit of track to ours. The last couple of days have been Netflix, hangover and cat cuddles. I think that sums it all up pretty nicely.


Cheers for reading!



Meet Reggie (this one’s about cats again)

I know I’m late again (I did say get used to it) but I’ve got a valid reason this time – the new cat!

If you haven’t read the post about Reggie yet this will make no sense. However, if you’re into the surreal, then don’t read it and be confused.

Another cat post (I can’t help it)

I’ll start at the beginning of the day as I was woken by a phone call from a friend asking if I still wanted a lift into town.  I thought we were heading in at 12 but she was phoning at 9.30 saying they were heading in for breakfast. Alrighty then, the day started on a big firm flap! Today was the day I was going to catnap Reggie from the pub (don’t worry I had permission) and take him to the vets to see if there was any way of stopping him from going blind. I hadn’t managed to persuade either of the Chris’ that bringing him home was a good idea yet. I was hoping I could just work it out as I went along.

After my phone call, I had to race to my friend’s house upriver from me, to borrow her cat basket. Even after being told to stay several times Isla (the German Shepard)  came bounding down the road after me and then decided that she would lead the way.

I raced down the track as I didn’t want to keep my friends who were giving me a lift waiting. I did, however, have to stop to catch a picture of the mad cloud formations which interestingly,  got much bigger and hung around most of the day.

I grabbed the cat basket from my friends (which is just behind where the van is in the photo above) and headed back up the river to catch my lift. However, my mates didn’t know Isla had followed me so had started driving down to meet me. Now Isla knows most commands but ‘go home’ is not in her vocabulary, no matter how stern you say it. Because of this, I hopped in the landrover and we cruised slowly up the side of the river with Isla trotting along happily to the side. After a bit of a kerfuffle (I had to sprint back with her over several fields) I managed to get her back at home and me back on the road. Despite this, she still managed to get back out and run after us almost till we were out of town. I love her, but that dog has serious F.O.M.O!

After all this palava we got up to the pub which was Reggie’s residence and found him sleeping by the bin. He had no idea the day he was in for. I scooped him up and bundled him into the cat basket, he’s so laid back he just seemed to be taking it all in. The bartender had said that Reggie had been thrown out of a car window in the carpark so I was expecting him to be jumpy in the car but he stayed completely calm. His only sign of distress was that he kept sticking his paws through the hole in the front of the cat box and very gently holding onto my hand. Apologies for not getting a photo but I was too busy melting with emotions. Also, don’t worry, there are a few cat photos later.

We parked up and I took Reggie straight to the vets. An interesting scene took place while I was waiting; a lady who was cleaning the streets walked into the vet’s office with her bin and all her litter picking gear. My Spanish is still very limited and I was struggling to work out what was going on until everyone started peering into the bin. I had a little peak and there at the bottom of the wheelie bin was a terrified little kitten. The vet took a cage from out back and the poor little thing had to be tipped out the bin into the cage. The vet took her trough around the back and said that after a few tests she’d be on her way to the shelter then hopefully to a new home.

Throughout all this Reggie sat peacefully in his cage, not even mewing once. Once the kitten had been taken through to the back of the Vet’s office it was time for our appointment. Reggie stayed completely calm throughout the whole thing (and we were in there a good long while). He had blood taken to make sure he didn’t have leukaemia or feline HIV, his ears were completely cleaned out of mites,  and he was treated for ticks, fleas and worms. Even after all that he was padding over to me for nuzzles and cuddles!

He was given the all clear and the vet has said that his eye should hopefully heal after a week of drops.

So after putting him through all that (and no small expense on my part), I decided that he was just going to have to come home and have the course of eye meds. So for the time being, he is in partial quarantine in our van. He doesn’t look too happy about it in this photo but once you scroll down you’ll see it didn’t take long for him to adjust.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in there with him so he has become my junior (the vet says he’s probably only about a year an a half) writing assistant.

And this is how he seems to spend most of his time. I’ve opened that van up and tried to persuade him outside a few times now but he seems much more interested in sleeping. I think he knows he is safe and loved.

I’m writing this late, so there’s a bit more to the Reggie story but you’ll have to wait.

I will tell you he looks even more beautiful now.


Cheers for reading!

Windy day of knitting and (still not veggie) chicken

Hello again. Today mostly consisted of wind (not me the weather). The trailer is shaking and at one point we genuinely thought the roof was taking off. This morning wasn’t as bad; Chris and I popped into town to get me some more wool and grab a few bits and bobs from the local shop. On the way back we stopped off at our favourite bar to see Fran and pay off our rather large bar tab from Friday. Unfortunately, Reggie (the gorgeous ginger cat from the other post) has slinked off somewhere. Hopefully, he turns up again soon and we can catnap him!

If this makes no sense than have a peek at this – Another cat post (I can’t help it)
We got back home as the wind started to pick up. My friend with the puppy – Tank Girl – had popped round so, as usual, puppy based hilarity ensued. And yes, she does live up to the name, she is regularly trying to take on dogs 10 times her size.

Once she and Tank Girl left we got down to the serious business of the day – I got my knitting needles out. My next project is a green and white striped scarf to go with the green bobble hat I gave to Fran the other day. The one which resulted in a night of heavy drinking at a dangerously discounted price.

After a bit of trial and error with the scarf I got cracking and, flexing my impressive multitasking muscles, catching up on Doctor Who at the same time. Whilst I got on with the hard work Chris got to cooking us a lovely lunch. following on with my vegetarian food theme we had another chicken. Chris put it in the burner with a lemon and orange and a bulb of garlic up its bum. It was lush!

This also ensured our ongoing friendship with the cats as they get all the bones (then they keep on pretending that they love us). After lunch, I got back to work and Chris got on with some heavy Facebooking.

This evening our friend from up the river came round with some strawberry plants which made me ecstatically happy, I’ve been trying to get hold of some for ages! However, he also came with the news that our other friend wasn’t going into town this evening any more. I had been hoping to blag a lift as Tuesday is my local artists meeting night.

After a few phone calls, it looked like a lift was not going to happen. Chris and our friend Alfie were willing to walk with me as far as the Venta (Fran’s bar) then I could hitch or walk the rest of the way. So we all got wrapped up and ready to brave the ever increasing winds outside. We said bye to other Chris (I’ll think of a better way to mention him in future) and started marching up the road.

It took us about 200m of struggling directly into the wind before we all decided to stop being so stupid and head back.

So that pretty much sums up today, it’s been exhausting! We’re now sat drinking hot chocolate and baileys, deciding what film to watch tonight.

Also, I’ve made a bit of progress on the scarf (I had 3 false starts). I settled on knitting in the round so it’s going to be mega warm. Green and white are the official colours of Andalucia so I’m hoping that when he’s not wearing it Fran might put it up behind the bar.

Cheers for reading, night night all!

Moving on from hangovers

Evening all, the next chapter follows our evening of revelry and cat cuddling and skips almost all of the next day, which was mostly a spiral of post alcohol induced paranoia and insomnia. We were supossed to be going to a party that evening but could barely get out of bed so decided to give it a miss. Dispite our woes we still managed to drag ourselves to our friends house up the river when early evening came around. We were lured there by the offer of a warm shower (there’s no running water at ours) and roast chicken. Both of which made us feel a lot better. Chris still refused to get ot of his dressing gown though.

This brings us to yesterday morning when our friends, who had gone to the party and were feeling a bit worse for wear, invited us up to theirs for a roast and more importantly a bath! Now baths round here are in short supply and while we’re in the process of building our bathroom the offer of a bath is a sure way to get us anywhere. So we got a lift up the mountain and each spent a long time sitting in thier lovley bath full of steaming hot water, thanks to the brand new boiler. Luxury!

I’ve been looking to find a good new book, outside of my normal fantasy relm, for a while now. And so perused their bookshelf and (with a few hints and nudges) picked up ‘Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail’ 72′ which I took straight to the bath with me and crunched through a couple of chapters. Loving it so far!

We then had a lovley evening involving a beautiful roast cooked by gav and far too much red wine. I probably haven’t mentioned yet that I’m trying to edge my way back to being veggie, it’s not going well!

As it now seems to be a requirement to have some kind of animal update each post I thought I’d mention our friends new dog Eddie. Who seems to be having a very hard life in his new home –

I also just thought I’d pop in a picture of the view from the their house as it’s unbeatable.

After all that we stayed the night in their van (it was cold) and got a lift back home on the school run.

We’ve successfully managed to put of most of our responsibilities for yet another day today and, as per usual, I’ve wound up sat next to Nala who is once again playing dead.

Cheers for reading. Tomorrow is another day, more exciting procrastinations await!

Another cat post (I can’t help it)

Heya! If you read my last post then you’ll know all about our recent visit to our favourite local bar and the resulting late night courtesy of my knitting prowess. What I didn’t mention was the beautiful (if slightly mangey) ginger tom cat we drunkenly fell in love with.

Let me set the scene for you – we’re sat out on the porch area, in the mild Spanish evening. Spider plants drift gently in the breeze and our table is strewn with the remnants of the last few drinks and tapas. (not our table in the photo just wanted to show you the nice spider plants)


When out, from underneath the table, pops a beat up looking ginger tom. Now there’s so many stray cats and dogs in this town, and I’d love to help them all but there’s just too many. This little guy, however, really looks in need of some love and attention. He had one beet up eye, a big scratch under his chin and a medley of scratches everywhere else. Despite appearances, he was really friendly and wouldn’t stop coming back to scrounge for scraps of food and cuddles.

Apologies for the awful photo, he wouldn’t stop moving, it was dark and I was drunk!


After a few more drinks and a good deal more cuddles I had named him Reginald and had him sat on my lap. (I’m very glad that sentence has context)


Fran (the bar owner) came out and had a few beers with us and had a good laugh at my instant enamourment with Reggie. He said that he thought Reggie had been dropped there a few days previous by owners that no longer wanted him and made it very clear that if we liked him, we should take him. We drunkenly agreed to come and pick him up in the next few days without considering the implications.

There’s always lots of stray cats that hang out by the bars and restaurants around here. Fran and his wife treat theirs pretty well; they get fed all the scraps and get shooed away from the bar rather than the more traditional kicking that happens all too often. The problem is that no-one spays their cats around here and they drop off the kittens by the bins at restaurants and so the problem keeps spiralling. There are a few good people who work tirelessly for animal charities that not only help people to spay their animals but also catch and spay strays.

This brings us around nicely to our problem with Reggie; he’s still got big furry ginger balls. So Chris is, quite rightly, worried about him upsetting our two female cats, both of which used to stray and one of which is still exceptionally wary. He’ll also have Isla, our resident German Sheppard, to deal with but I think we’ll just have to play that one by ear. But I’ve fallen in love and now have to bring Chris round to the Idea that we are on our way to becoming the proud new carers for a little furry ginger baby.

My plan is to take him to the vets tomorrow and find out what we can do for him. He definitely needs a flea and worm treatment and I am really worried that he is going blind in one eye from what looks like a fighting wound. I’ve already been thinking about the car journey there where I’m going to have to explain to him that he’s gonna get his balls chopped off. Then after that saga, we can bring him back and he can meet his new sisters and curl up by the fire.

Now I’m sat here with Nala, who is still pretending that she is dead, thing to explain to her that she might be getting a big brother here soon who she’s gonna have to bring up to speed about the lay of the land (and possibly shitting outside if he’s not house trained).


Wish me luck on my persuasion quest to bring Chris around and hopefully, my posts will be even more clogged up with cat photos in the near future.


Cheers for reading!

Sorry I’m late (get used to it)

So, it’s been a busy couple of days, and I’m, surprise surprise, running behind on posts. But I do have a sort of valid reason which I’ll explain further now.

Queue the dramatic music…

It all started the evening after my last jolly post about our beautiful cat Nala (no need to worry they’ll be plenty more stories and pictures of her later). We thought our friend was coming round for some food so Chris, I’d say we but it was mostly Chris,  cooked a lush roast for us all using our fantastic new burner. We had pork stuffed with apples and jacket pots inside and greens from the garden on the outside. Chris also whipped up our new vegan recipe (our friend other Chris is vegan) stuffing and sausmix bake with apples and onions, it’s lush.

Heres a picture of the burner doing it’s thing, sorry there’s no photo of the food but I was too busy eating it.Burner oven

Whilst in the middle of cooking it or friend Alfie, who was supposed to be coming over, had to bail as he realized he’d double booked us. So we chomped through our mountain of food and bumbled off to the pub as the sun was setting. I thought I’d pop a couple of photos of our walk to the pub in as its pretty spectacular.


It takes about 40 mins to get there so, because we left as the sun started to set, we reached the bar just at the sun disappeared behind the mountains.


Fran who is the owner of Venta always looks after us when we pop in and we’ve spent a few late nights there nattering away to him over the bar. After the last few free drinks he’d given us, we thought it’d be nice to make him something. His wife knits, but apparently Spanish knitting is very different to English knitting, so I made him a sensible dark green hat and finished it off with a little yellow bobble to make it look suitably ridiculous.img_20190125_181729.jpg

He loved it! And we ended up there after many more free drinks (I don’t know how this guy makes any money) nattering away until the wee hours of the morning then stumbling home in a very merry fashion.

Queue god awful hangover the next day, hense no blog post. I was too busy dying!

This brings you up to the end of the night and the end of this post, you can trust that there’ll be more things (and pictures of cute animals) to come.



Cats and knitting

Good afternoon all!

Last night was fun, I enjoyed writing about our avocado fishing escapades. And despite the fact that I may have started this blog under slightly dubious circumstances (I was a little drunk) I’ve decided to grace your thoughts with more of my ramblings today.

We finished off yesterday evening in style with some Netflix but no chill as I was completely preoccupied with hat knitting (as you can see below). Finished happy which is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time as long as you like dark humor and lots of gore (Chris had to hide behind me on more than one occasion).


It’s been a lovely relaxed sunny morning here, Chris popped into town this morning to grab a few bits, as we’ve got a mate coming round for tea tonight, and I’ve made a dent in the never ending washing up pile.


I’m now procrastinating (favourite thing to do) from the rest of the washing up by sitting here and wring this next to our gorgeous cat Nala, who likes to pretend that she’s dead 90% of the time and then occasionally get up and meow for food.


However, if she deems it necessary, demand your attention by subtler means than just meowing. Especially if you’re trying to do ‘extremely important things’ on your laptop.


So there’s a bit of a story behind Nala, our lean mean sleeping machine. We were up at one of our favourite bars a few months back, when she was a stray, that we first met her. She was being manhandled (or, more appropriately, childhandled) around the bar by a little 4-year-old girl and couldn’t have looked like she gave less of a shit about it. After being shooed and kicked away by the waitress a couple of times she finally found her place on Chris’s lap who, slightly drunkenly, instantly fell in love with. At this point, our friend (another Chris) and his daughter walked in to find us both doting on the little cat. Now, this Chris is the one that owns the land that we live on and is not all that fond of cats but through coercion, and a bit of emotional blackmailing on his daughters part, we managed to persuade him that Nala would be the perfect solution to our rat problem and that we should take her home. The barman couldn’t wait to get rid of her and has since not stopped offering us various other animals in need of rescue.

We got her home and within a week, she had devoured all of the rats and mice and found her rightful place at the bottom of our bed, where  she now rarely moves from.


That just about sums up the story of the cat, who is still sound asleep and twitching in her dreams next to me. So I’m going to leave you with the obligatory picture of food (Chris made anamzing lunch of morcia saussage and egg sandwitch) and get on with the rest of my day.

Saussage sandwich

Cheers as always for the help procrastinating!


First post – Hello (Again)

Hello world and welcome to my new travel blog. I’ve been meaning to start writing things down for a few years now and, surprise surprise, finally got round to doing something about it today. Me being me, it’s actually quite a long time since we’ve been away in our beautiful little transit van. We have been settled in Orgiva, Spain for nearly a year now (and loving it might I add). So, all in all, not really the ideal time for starting a travel blog.


Any hoo, I’ll start this off with how I think these things are supposed to go and talk about all the fun and exciting things that happened to us today.


Chris got bored of waiting for me to wake up (as usual) so took matters into his own hands this morning, leaving me unsure if I was awake or still on some weird Butlins style holiday with the loony tunes (quite an enjoyable dream actually). Then we popped into town, a little later than planned, for market day (I’ll write a proper post about market day with photos and everything at some point as its pretty spectacular). After careening through the market to pick up our weeks veg, bread and spices, we popped over to our friend Georges (said with a very Spanish accent) to pick up Chris’s plumbing tools and snaffle some avocados from one of Georges many avo trees. Now to reach the avos at the top of the tree, George has invented a contraption that I’ll have to take a photo of at some point. It’s made up of a large tin can with claws on the end of a really long fishing rod. I can tell you that fishing for avocados is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience; you can see our catch below. Sorry for the lack of photos of us holding our avocadoes like an overexcited fisherman with giant fish, it just didn’t feel right at the time. Feel free to picture this in your own heads though.


After getting distracted talking to a few friends we set off home and unsurprisingly got distracted by a couple of bars on the way back. We got back to a sizable list of jobs, slumped down on the sofa and got on with our joint favorite activity – procrastination. And if any of you had dirty thoughts before the end of that sentence then I’m ashamed of you, go wash your brains out.

The land
Here is a very bad photo of our very lovely home (with my very messy garden).

After an hour or so of “we really should” and “I was planning today to” Chris lit the burner and put an end to all chance of either of us being productive this afternoon(this isn’t entirely fair as he had to chainsaw up the wood first but if I say that then it makes me look bad). This made me think that I could get on with all the important computer-based jobs the at least I would have got something done today. So obviously, with the best avoidance tactics I could muster, I decided that it would be a much better use of my time to start a travel blog. Hence this blog and post, it’s a first to be able to say hello to my procrastinations!




I think that just about sums it up, I did want to pop in a photo of the aforementioned transit van. And, just because I want you to like me and follow my blog, I chose a photo of our lovely van with the gorgeous German Sheppard who runs the show where we live and her adorable puppy friend (more on her later)


Cheers for reading, here’s your reward: